Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sabir Daal Chawal, Main Market, Lahore

So, this is my first post on this blog and trust me it is not going to be a disappointing one my friends.

It was late in the night and i was out with my friends yesterday searching for food, yes exotic food jaded with all the fancy places we holed out to the tight little streets that offshoot from fancy busy markets. We had affirmative information about this Daal/Chawal place in Main Market and we were going to find it and so we did. Eyeing spying and interrogating bystanders we finally reached our destination just opposite K.M. Store in a street just beside an optician there it was ‘Sabir Daal Chawal’ with a sweet little board naming its brand.
We sat behind the man hosting the huge dishes. The moment we settled our eye caught the rate list right on the wall, not something to worry about at all and still you are promised good food and we immediately put this promise to a test. We order ourselves, daal/chawal with a tikki, we didn’t have much choice on the menu although you can add a boiled egg for your liking, along with clear sodas. The very first bite everyone looked at each other and confirmed the good taste. Just as we were informed, it was really delicious and yes to mention here very hygienic as well. Imagine a plate of boiled white rice with daal topped with pickled salad and a potato tikki along with chatni, easily makes your mouth water just as it is doing for me while I mention this all. I think it was a great casual meal that’s not at all heavy on the pocket neither importantly on the health and plus you get to have a good time and the feeling of dining out. Its something we would recommend to people not living with their families to have everyday even, honestly its that good.

Daal Chawal

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  1. WHAT? i never knew dre was a place dat actually specialized in daal chawal! wow haz anyone been here? just reading about it makes me crave it more esp nowadays when the weather is awesome and da lovely homey warmth of daal chalwal is a must!